Welcome to Noseprints On My Heart, a site dedicated to dogs, cats, birds and more in honor of those who have passed through my life leaving in indelible mark on my heart.

The purpose of my site is to share my thoughts, experiences, product reviews, fun facts and photos as they relate to the companion animals with whom we humans typically share our lives.

I hope you’ll enjoy this site and share with me (and other site visitors) your thoughts, questions, and photos and keep coming back. Your suggestions on topics is very welcome!

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Uploading my nature photos to sell on Zazzle! Ultimate goal is to donate a portion of sales to a dog charity. Look for my 2020 calendar coming soon. Follow this link to see my first offered photo of the Heron with fish

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After 12 years as a professional dog walker and petsitter in Maryland, it was time to make a change. I packed up my bags and headed to Florida. I miss the old life at times, but this is a new and exciting adventure. As homage to that life, and the wonderful dogs who have passed through my life this site was born. I hope to bring information about products and tips on all sorts of topics that would make my dogs proud and make my readers return for more. I welcome ideas to consider for the blog.

DISCLAIMER – No information found on this site is to take the place of a veterinarian’s advice if it in anyway relates to healthcare. Please seek professional veterinary care for any questions you may have about medications, food, treatment etc. for your animals.


My first post – The Versatility of Products

Posted by Admin on  August 19, 2018

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Keeping this short as it is my first attempt at a blog entry! And my first product review! When the big guy needed to keep from licking a wound the traditional lampshade (E-collar) just wouldn’t do! He would not move with it on and he was just a pitiful site. My vet’s office suggested I try this soft donut and it worked. However, with a little finagling he was occasionally able to get it off

Welcome to Noseprints On My Heart…

Posted by Admin on  August 18, 2018

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… a site dedicated to those wonderful dogs who have passed through my life leaving an indelible mark.


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